What's with the counter?

It all started back in 2010 when I asked myself: what is the core value Power Leads Pro brings to the market? Clients have always referred to us as a sales software, lead generation software, marketing software, recruiting software, the "Jack of All Trades" software.

Power Leads Pro was launched due to a general distain of time consuming manual research functions performed by marketers, businesses and recruiters alike. At the time, I owned a marketing firm and I saw first hand how many hours were wasted to gather data or targeted leads, something of which could be automated. With the guidance of a few other developers, I created Power Leads Pro which had an immediate impact on my bottom line. When I saw the results, I knew this tool could help thousands of businesses world wide thus freeing employees from the countless hours of doing manual research even before they can begin to do their work.

Whats with the counter?

It's how we measure our success. Each product that runs on the Power Leads Pro platform saves time. No longer are the days of spending countless hours researching companies for contact information, such as decision makers. No longer are the days of digging through the search engine or buying expensive outdated lists of leads. No, those days are gone, but surely not forgotten. There was to much time and pain involved with all that manual labor to forget it that easily.

Due to Power Leads Pro, millions of hours of productivity have been gained. Those hours have been reallocated to more human-centric activities such as talking to someone, instead of trying to find their contact information.

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