Corporate/Agency Recruiting & Staffing

Recruiting Software To Target & Locate Ideal Candidates In Real Time

Our solution for corporate and agency recruiters engages the power of the internet and monitors various job & resumes boards. Power Leads Pro compiles this data into actionable information by delivering what you need, when you need & faster than any other software.

Recruiters use Power Leads Pro software to:
Discover - Discover new opportunities and ideal candidates by monitoring various data sources in real time.
Market - Download contact information and resumes directly into Power Leads Pro.

Recruiting and staffing is very time consuming, Power Leads Pro eliminates tedious methods of the past and drives you into the future with our powerful software platform designed for recruiters and staffing agencies.

We provide ongoing training and support to help you unlock the full potential of our software. With regularly scheduled webinars and your very own Client Relations Manager, your setup to succeed 24/7.

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