What the heck happened to Power Leads Pro?

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Hey folks! Matthew here, you may be asking what happened to Power Leads Pro!?!

First let me tell you, that's a lonnnnggggg story.

Short story is we didn't have a backup of our server when it went down, and since I have been debating on what to do. Years worth of work gone - just like that. Luckily, the one thing I do have and stored elsewhere is the source code for Power Leads Pro, Local Lead Hero, etc etc.

Should I sell the source code, website, domain etc to one buyer and be done? This will be like a mouse climbing a mountain if I decide to bring it back.

Should I get everything back on it's feet and continue on, changing the direction of things as I go? If I were to do this, I realized quite a few things need to change as in, PLP needs to be simplified down a lot to be easier to use and learn as well as an adjustment in pricing/support (lower) among other things.

I would like to continue on, but a lot of it is going to depend on what my valued customers want to happen. I am very interested in teaching internet marketing, and how to make money online above all else, but still do like developing ideas and creating software that solves problems.

Right now, I'm starting from scratch, that's a good thing for me because I can change many things I wanted to change, main one being no more Infusionsoft, I can't tell you how badly I wanted a self hosted solution again for many years. I have found that self hosted solution again (one you may remember me using) called Delavo.

Intraleads? Great question, will have more on that later.

Leadintegra? Great question, more on that later.

In general, I will be moving away from products that require constant updates, in order to keep the costs down for you (and for me) and they generally require alot less attention, which means more time spent on new ideas and solutions for you.

In any case, things will be back to normal (somewhat) in the coming days, but will take many months to recover what has been lost (website data wise).

I want to hear from you on this! Let me know what you would like to see me do!!

Stay tuned!

Matthew Iannotti

P.S. Questions, concerns, comments, ideas, shoot me an email! Matthew AT Powerleadspro.com